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Disciplines we enjoy

We support our clients in achieving business objectives/goals. We don’t separate offline and online marketing. We take a comprehensive approach to all projects with high performance and love.
Media planning

Planning and buying media is treated with a high attention to the highest efficiency of the media. We don't care how many visits to the web site the medium would bring. We are interested in the quality of the visitors and the selection of the media, which in addition to the high click through rate offers the best conversion rate. Each advertising area has a different benefit. Some of it is suitable for performance and the other for image building. We plan and optimize the positions so that they would perform according to your business goals.



We would find the biggest weaknesses of your Web site and propose changes that will help you better meet the objectives of your Web site. We focus on solving system troubleshooting in the shopping process, AB testing, implementation changes, etc. We also would design how to edit and optimize your site for mobile phones and tablets. Our team is ready to design and develop smaller and medium Web projects including the campaign landing pages and microsites.

Web Analytics

For us web analytics is the basis for any marketing activities that we develop. We don’t just measure the number of visitors to the site, but in great detail we focus on the performance of the whole campaign in numbers. We measure all the way from the first customer clicks on the advertisement to a confirmation of the order or entering personal data. We set the measuring instruments so that they measure all marketing channels correctly and allow better to invest money into the channels that really help to meet the objectives of the campaign.

Offline vs. Online

On offline activities we look the same as to the digital ones. We solve how to connect these two disciplines the best and take a complex approach from a single-marketing activity. We shoot commercials with links to other channels, arrange production of any recording with a focus on meeting KPI's.


E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is perceived as a key discipline for meeting sales goals of the client. This is one of the most effective channels to reach existing customers. We would prepare simple advertisement as well as multi-step campaign.


Social Media Marketing

In the social media field we focus on performance applications on Facebook and other solutions that enable to work with users in a long-term and use all contacts to meet the business goals of the client. Besides creative concepts in social networking, we also optimize and evaluate current social network activities.


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